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Symphony of Rays


MP3 First Movement - Brightly
MP3 Second Movement - Chiaroscuro
MP3 Third Movement - Photons
MP3 Fourth Movement - Intelligence

In 2006 Nez released an album called Rays, which included a very special First and Second Edition release. Later, Nez went back and remixed and re-edited the songs and instrumentals from the original release of Rays CD, to make a Symphony of Rays in four movements which is available only as a digital album download. At this time, there are no plans to make a hard copy available.

Michael had this to say about the Symphony of Rays:

"I like it a great deal and have been listening to it the last several months over and over. Something is realized in this iteration that is additive, incremental and moves the work into new territory that I did not intend or expect when I first wrote and recorded it. I am excited by it. In some sense it makes Rays a whole new work."

- Michael Nesmith