"Nobody really invents anything" - Nez

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you ship to outside the US, such as to the UK, Australia, Canada, etc.?

A. Yes, we ship anywhere. Sometimes our checkout page will not register the address from out of the country. One thing that usually works is putting the province of the shipping address. You can also try refreshing the checkout page. If you still have issues, you can call or email us.

Q. Wasn't there a song with a flying pink Cadillac in it?

A. Yes, the song is called "Eldorado to the Moon" and it's on the album "Newer Stuff"

Q. Where can I find the song Sunset Sam or Lucy and Ramona and Sunset Sam?

A. The song is actually called "Cruisin'" and it's on the albums "Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma" and "The Newer Stuff".

Q. I saw Nez in a video in a tropical setting dancing with a woman in a red dress. What song was that?

A. The song is called "Rio" and it's on the album "From a Radio Engine to A Photon Wing".

Q. What album has the song "Joanne" on it?

A. "Joanne" originally came out on "Magnetic South", but it's also available on "The Older Stuff", and "First National Band Complete"."Magnetic South" and "The Older Stuff".

Q. I know Nez wrote the song "Different Drum", which was a hit for Linda Ronstadt, but did he ever record it himself?

A. Yes, he recorded a slower, bluesy version of it on the album "And the Hits Just Keep on Comin'". There's also a live version of it on "Live at the Britt". Linda's version can be found on her album Linda Ronstadt's Greatest Hits.

Q. Where can I find the song "Some of Shelly's Blues"?

A. It's on "Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Stash" and there's a live version of it on "Live at the Britt".