Videoranch3D is a 3D virtual world on the internet, where LIVE musical performances occur in real-time, attended by a virtual audience from all over the world.

Attendance is free!


To see the VR3D Concert Calendar click here


To attend the show, you need high speed internet access and a Mac or PC running Windows.

1. Sign Up

2. Download and install Videoranch3D

3. Log in

That's all there is to it!

Once inside Videoranch3D, you can move around, dance, cheer, see, chat with and meet other members of the audience.

It's easy, fun and there are plenty of live people in world standing by to help you.

All the performers will be able to see your Avatar, talk to you, and read your comments during their performances.

All LIVE and in REAL TIME.


For show times around the world click here


If you donít have Windows or youíre on an old computer you can watch the live feed here


For more information email or call 831-394-8800.